Easteria v1.3.0 - Skill Trees

There are many significant changes in this update:

- Skill trees are added (You can find them in the area to east of the start building. Yes, of course they are actual trees. Stop asking)

- Many aspects of ability that were previously scaled by level now require skill unlocking

- Fishing has been overhauled

- Tarpon have been added (good luck, they snap the line a lot)

- Chance to break off now scales with fish size as well as type

- Bass can now break you off

- Hitboxes now make sense and are checking where your hand is, not your feet

- There are now 43 achievements

- The Charisma tree is not fully functional, but feel free to level and explore what is to come!

- All skills in Fishing and Attack trees are active

- Be careful with the "Fish Deity" skill. It is powerful and tends to crash the game.

- I am now realizing that I probably spelled "Deity" incorrectly in this update

- Various bug fixes

- You can now just talk to the wagon guy with logs in your hand. You're welcome.

- Items now show a description when hovered over in the inventory


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Aug 02, 2018

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