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Sell Me Something is a MS Paint animated horror game versus a deep learning neural network. Here is the premise:

Your son has wandered into an outdoor marketplace at night. Your goal is to find your son and get back to the exit. Should be easy...unless someone tries to sell you something.

As mentioned, the enemy, The Salesman, is controlled by a deep neural network. If you wish to know the details of how this works, there is a playlist available on my YouTube page: JonoExplainsThings. Basically, the AI adjusts weights while testing changes a simulated environment. These weights are used to convert input data (i.e. local vision and compass data) into decisions on which direction to run.

As the difficulty level is increased, you will receive less hints, but the biggest change is that the AI is theoretically more intelligent. I will say that the AI may take LONGER to begin following you, but once the AI is following you, there will be a noticeable difference in intelligence.

Latest Updates:

Beta v1.1.1 - I made a minor fix to the collision with boxes to reduce image overlap and added a music toggle icon to the controls page

Beta v1.1.0 - I added data classification for stronger neural network(NN) response. This allows for the NN to weight entire groups of sensory data (i.e. Visual, Compass) so that non-helpful data can be better filtered. Theoretically should allow for simpler AI to focus more on compass while more intelligent AI can evolve to incorporate visual awareness


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Sell Me Something - Beta v1.0.0.zip 18 MB